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Grade A Dealer Websites

We are the only “Always On – Grade A” Website Provider for Buy Here Pay Here Auto Dealers

Grade A Sites produce more relevant traffic, quality leads and more profitable sales. Why be limited by anything less.

Premium SEO service captures more organic Search traffic with expanded content and key word/phrase optimization.

Our support includes content changes, customized graphics, and tools. We got this covered so you can focus on selling.


What Do You Get?

Our Promise to You

Our mission is to provide Buy Here Pay Here Dealers the best website and highest conversion rating. Our aim is to help our dealers truly compete and win in the digital marketplace.

We also Provide:

Features & Benefits

A fully integrated solution to elevate your dealership’s exposure and increase sales opportunities. 


Fast Homepage Design

Speed and Design is a reality. Our designs are eye catching and fast, providing a great experience for your customers.

Mobile Perfection

Websites are built from a mobile perspective first. It’s critical because 80% of your traffic will be viewing your site from their smart phone or tablet.

Graphics & Content

Each Dealership has their own programs and strategy. We design each with custom graphics and content to highlight the best of what you offer.

Smart Forms

Customizable Smart Forms include variable based responses. Each form is programmable to send out emails, texts and integrate with your CRM/DMS.

Superior Analytics

You cant improve without knowing where you stand. Every keyword, every phrase is ranked and tracked. The more searches we can rank high, the more potential traffic we can deliver.

Conversion Reporting

We track all leads and phone calls to your dealership. The conversions provide an extra level of feedback to your performance and help us continuously improve. 

Performance & Value

Some considerations when deciding to make a switch to AMS Dealer Websites

A Grades are hard to achieve. How do we do it and why is it important?

There are a lot of components to a car dealership website. Each component has to be optimized with Search. We see A grades as a core function. We monitor our dealer websites constantly and make the needed adjustments to perform everyday. Our dealers need an A graded site to maximize sales.

Premium SEO will maximize your traffic. Why is this special with AMS Dealer Websites?

Premium Search Engine Optimization (SE)) is a process of generating content that yields more relavent traffic and leads to your website. It takes analysis, content generation & changes, and conversion & attribution reporting. Fact is that is takes a lot to do it right and achieve the desired results.

What about support? How does the Dealership make changes to the site.

This is clear issue today. Most website platforms are built solely for the Dealer to make changes and add content. Who has time for that? With AMS Dealer Websites, we make all the changes for you. Our Team is ready to fulfill requests, provide content changes and work on your customized site and avoid any costly mistakes.

Search Engine Marketing can increase leads. Should you market to your website?

We believe that your website is the foundation of your paid advertising efforts. We see time and time again, good money spent on bad performing campaigns. It most cases, it was the site performance limiting success. It's that reason that our websites are preferred by Digtial Marketing Providers.

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Dare to Test your Website's speed and Performance?

GTmetrix is one of the best tools for analyzing website performance. If your website gets less than an A, you are likely loosing business because of poorly optimized website.

You may need to open a free GTmetrix account.

Standard SEO vs Premium SEO

 When it comes to elevating your dealership’s online visibility, comparing Standard SEO with Premium SEO is akin to contrasting a sedan with a sports car. While Standard SEO lays the foundation through keyword optimization and content relevance, Premium SEO turbocharges your website’s performance by optimizing its infrastructure, which is crucial for dealership websites. Premium SEO is the engineering that drives your website’s success.

Why Choose Premium SEO?

Optimized Core Web Vitals:
Focuses on user experience metrics like load time and visual stability.

AutoDealer Schema Markup:
Get a competitive advantage with structured data that will Increase your traffic, click-through rates and search visibility.

Improved Page Speed:
A significant ranking factor for both mobile and desktop.

Enhanced Mobile Optimization:
Guarantees an optimal browsing experience on mobile devices.

Regular Monitoring of Technical SEO Issues:
Ensures ongoing site health and performance.

Local SEO initiatives:
Targets local customers more effectively, vital for dealerships.

Content Analysis & SEO Scoring:
Ensures your website’s content is optimized for both search engines and potential customers.

Google Search Console Integration:
We monitor your website performance periodically.

Page Power:
Leveraging Multiple Web Pages for Enhanced SEO Impact

Enhanced Site Speed:
In the fast-paced automotive market, a quick-loading website keeps potential customers engaged.

Enhanced Security:
Builds trust with additional layers of security.

Advanced Image SEO:
Enhances visibility of your images in search results, a key factor for online car shoppers.

Subscription Plans

Easy Start, Cancel Anytime


The Essential Dealer Package
$ 450 Monthly
$750 One-Time Set Up Fee​
  • Standard SEO: Optimized Metadata with Up to 5 Focus Keywords per Page.
  • Customized Website, Creatives and Smart Credit Form
  • Vehicle Management System (VMS)
  • Google Analytics 4 Tracking & Reporting
  • Standard Support and Up to 3 Hours of Content Changes per Month


Dealer's First Choice Package
$ 750 Monthly
$1250 One-Time Set Up Fee​
  • Automotive Technical SEO:
    Optimized Metadata with Up to 30 Focus Keywords per Page, Drive increased organic traffic and leads through enhanced media and code optimization, sitemaps, improved crawlability, Local SEO initiatives, autoDealer schema markups and more.
  • Customized Website, Creatives and Smart Credit Form
  • Vehicle Management System (VMS)
  • Google Analytics 4 Reporting and Keyword Performance Tracker
  • Upgraded Support: Benefit from up to 5 hours of content changes every month.

Please note:

  • It takes about 10 to 15 Business days to set up accounts, integrations, inventory polling, and build & launch your website. Monthly service fee will be charged automatically 30 days from start. You can cancel anytime and end your website service at the renewal date to avoid any charges.

  • Additional Location pages can be added for $125/month, this includes a dedicated Smart Credit Form, Inventory Polling, and VMS for each location.


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